Forms – Existing Case2

Online Document Lodgement

Lodge documents and/or completed PDF or Word forms in relation to a case that has commenced (i.e you have an existing case number).


Forms Relating to an Existing Case

These are the approved SAET forms in relation to cases that have already commenced in SAET.

  • P01 – Answer / Response: Word 
  • P02 – Application for Adjournment: Word  Online 
  • P03 – Affidavit: Word 
  • P05 – Application for Directions: Pdf 
  • P06 – Notice of Party or Representative Details: Word 
  • P07 – Offer to Settle: Word 
  • P08 – Application to Withdraw: Word 
  • P09 – List of Documents: Word 
  • P10 – Request to Admit: Word 
  • P12 – Notice of Alternate Contentions: Word 
  • P13 – Statement of Issues and Contentions: Word 
  • P15 – Application to Intervene: Pdf 
  • P16 – Application to Waive Fee: Word 
  • P20 – Application for Summons: Pdf 
  • P30 – Application to Enlarge the Scope of Proceedings (Return to Work): Word 
  • P32 – Notice of Objection to Enlarge Scope of Proceedings: Word 
  • P33 – Application for Consent Orders: Pdf 
  • P33a – Sample Consent Orders: Word 
  • P36 – Referral to an Independent Medical Adviser: Word 
  • P38 – Application to Extend Time for Reconsideration: Pdf 
  • P39 – Result of Reconsideration (Return to Work): Online 
  • P40 – Response to Varied Decision (Return to Work): Pdf 
  • P42 – Notice to be heard (Return to Work): Online 
  • P50 – Affidavit of Amount Payable: Word 
  • P55 – Third Party Action: Word 
  • P56 – Defence (Civil Actions): Word 
  • P57 – Pre-Action Claim (Civil Actions): Word 
  • P70 – Notice of Objection (Associations): Word