Current notices

Fair Work Act

Enterprise agreements

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act seeking approval of an Enterprise Agreement are currently before SAET (Rule 113, SAET Rules).

Enterprise Agreement nameCase numberRespond by
Nursing/Midwifery (South Australian Public Sector) Enterprise Agreement 2022ET-22-0568930 November 2022

Any party seeking to be heard in relation to the above matters must advise SAET in writing setting out the objection or any other consideration with SAET by the ‘Respond by’ date indicated above. A copy of the advice is also to be supplied to the other parties to the Agreement.  As soon as practicable after that date SAET will either approve the Agreement or otherwise deal with the matter as it sees fit.

Award proceedings

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act regarding award proceedings (new award, or variation or rescission of an existing award) are currently before, or have been determined by, SAET (Rule 115, SAET Rules).

Triennial Review of Awards: Section 99 Fair Work Act 1994 (SA)

Award nameCase number
Local Government (Health Services) Award ET-22-02707
Local Government Tourism, Hospitality and Retail AwardET-22-02706
Local Government Employees AwardET-22-02704
Caretakers and Cleaners Award ET-22-01765
Health Recreation and Fitness AwardET-22-01762
South Australian Municipal Salaried Officers AwardET-22-01746

2022 State Wage Case Application: Section 100 Fair Work Act 1994 (SA)

State Wage Case Application (with attachment)August 2022139KB

2021 State Wage Case Decision Declaration and Orders: Section 100 Fair Work Act 1994

Final Orders and Declaration May 2022507KB

Alteration to rules of an association

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act seeking an addition or alteration to the rules of an association are currently before SAET (Rule 121, SAET Rules).

Association nameCase numberRespond by