Service charter

This Service Charter explains what you can expect from the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) and how you can help us to improve the services we provide.

About SAET

SAET is South Australia’s forum for resolving workplace-related disputes and issues.

SAET’s purpose is to promote the best principles of decision-making and resolve disputes fairly, efficiently and transparently.

We aim to be a:

  • service-focused, flexible, responsive tribunal that is accessible and user friendly
  • modern, innovative tribunal with straightforward processes and contemporary systems

SAET’s Strategic Plan sets out our vision, values and purpose in more detail.

Our Objectives

SAET is underpinned by the following principles:

  • best practice principles of decision-making including independence, natural justice, procedural fairness, high-quality and consistent decision-making, transparency and accountability
  • accessibility by way of a central registry for all employment matters which is responsive to those with special needs
  • the swift and fair resolution of disputes, including by using conciliation and other alternative dispute resolution processes
  • cost effectiveness for the parties
  • straight-forward language and procedures
  • minimal formality and procedures, where appropriate
  • flexibility in the conduct of its business.

The legislated objectives of the Tribunal are in section 8 of the South Australian Employment Tribunal Act 2014.

Our Service Commitment

In delivering our services we will:

  • operate with integrity, independence and accountability
  • ensure equity and fairness to all parties and treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • deal with matters in a timely, effective and consistent manner
  • be accessible to our users and to the community
  • respect the value of our people’s contribution
  • uphold the rule of law and maximising public trust and confidence in the independence and integrity of the Tribunal.
  • continue to improve
  • engage with stakeholders and value feedback and complaints

What you can expect of us

When you access our services, you can expect:

  • to be treated with courtesy and respect by SAET staff and members – see the SAET Members Appropriate Workplace Conduct Policy
  • accurate and clear information about how we work
  • access to forms and relevant documentation
  • help with completing forms
  • information about your case in plain English
  • appropriate adjustments for disability, cultural, religious and access needs, such as interpreters, additional security and other requirements you may have
  • notification of the date, time and location of your hearing, which is also available on our website – Today’s hearings and Future hearings – and displayed in the waiting areas
  • notification of the final decision made by the SAET together with any reasons for that decision

What SAET Staff cannot do

When you communicate with SAET staff, they cannot:

  • provide legal advice or opinion about the merits of your case. Links to some legal advice services can be found here Useful links – SAET
  • interpret the meaning of Awards and/or Enterprise Agreements.
  • comment on any decision handed down by Members.
  • recommend a particular firm or person to represent you.
  • undertake research for you.

What you can do

To help us, you can:

  • treat SAET staff and members, and other tribunal users with respect.
  • familiarise yourself with procedures and if unsure contact us here
  • notify us of any special requirements (eg interpreters or potential security threats).
  • provide relevant information when required and follow any directions of SAET members and staff.
  • arrive 15 minutes prior to your hearing or conference and be prepared for your role in the proceedings.
  • raise any concerns or suggestions in a timely and constructive manner.

We value your feedback

SAET values the feedback that complaints and compliments provide. We use relevant information from the feedback we receive to improve our service. All feedback and complaints will be treated seriously, fairly and confidentially.

Visit our Feedback and Complaints page for more information.