Legislation, rules and practice directions

SAET legislation and legal documents


SAET is established by the South Australian Employment Tribunal Act 2014 (the SAET Act) and prescribes how certain aspects of SAET is to operate including:

  • establishment
  • membership
  • jurisdiction
  • principles, powers and procedures
  • review and appeals
  • staff
  • miscellaneous

The Minister for Industrial Relations is the responsible Minister for the SAET Act.

SAET Regulations

South Australian Employment Tribunal Regulations 2015
South Australian Employment Tribunal (Criminal Jurisdiction of Court) Regulations 2017

SAET Rules

Rules of the Tribunal may be made by the President and a Deputy President of the Tribunal after consultation with the Minister.

The current SAET Rules cover a range of issues, including matters of practice and procedure in proceedings before the Tribunal and the manner of presenting documents and information by the parties.

South Australian Employment Tribunal Rules 2017

SAET Practice Directions

The President, in consultation with the Deputy Presidents, may issue Practice Directions in relation to the operation of the rules, and may from time to time rescind or amend any such Practice Direction.

The SAET Practice Directions provide guidance on many different types of applications and processes managed in the Tribunal.

Practice Directions 2015

New Practice Directions

SAET has issued new Practice Directions as follows:

  • new practice direction, No 31, to regulate the court attire and dress standard for all proceedings before SAET.
  • Practice Direction, No 28, responding to an issue that has arisen about recording of consent orders in connection with s58 assessments under the Return to Work Act 2014.
  • Practice Direction, No 29, responding to the substantial increase in the number of appeals to SAET’s Full Bench.
  • Practice Direction, No 30, to clarify the extent to which a party may be assisted by a friend for the purposes of s52(2) of the South Australian Employment Tribunal Act 2014.

Conferring legislation

Construction Industry Long Service Leave Act 1987Construction Industry Long Service Leave Regulations 2003
Dust Diseases Act 2005Dust Diseases Regulations 2006
Education Act 1972Education Regulations 2012
Fair Work Act 1994Fair Work (General) Regulations 2009Fair Work (Clothing Outworker Code of Practice) Regulations 2007Fair Work (Representation) Regulations 2009
Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005Fire and Emergency Services Regulations 2005
Industrial Referral Agreements Act 1986
Long Service Leave Act 1987Long Service Leave Regulations 2002
Police Act 1998Police Regulations 2014
Public Sector Act 2009Public Sector Regulations 2010
Return to Work Act 2014Return to Work Regulations 2015
Technical and Further Education Act 1975Technical and Further Education Regulations 1999
Training and Skills Development Act 2008Training and Skills Development Regulations 2008
Work Health and Safety Act 2012Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012

The complete library of South Australian legislation is available at www.legislation.sa.gov.au.