Industrial awards

Awards are enforceable minimum conditions of employment that specify wages, salaries, allowances and other forms of remuneration, along with conditions of employment such as hours of work and leave arrangements, for employees who share employers or workplaces.

Employees within sectors such as the public service and local government have awards in place to protect the interests of employers and employees. Enterprise agreements are derived from awards.

The SAET monitors matters arising from industrial awards and enterprise agreements aligned with the South Australian public sector, local government and prescribed government business enterprises.

Since 1 January 2010, the private sector, including the non-government community services sector, private schools and universities, have their awards administered by the Commonwealth Fair Work Commission rather than SAET.

Who is affected?

If you are an employee of the South Australian public sector, local government or a prescribed government business enterprise, your award or enterprise agreement is enforced by the SAET.

If you are in the private sector you should direct your enquiry about your award or agreement to the Fair Work Ombudsman by phone on 13 13 94 or

Copies of federal awards and agreements can be obtained from the Fair Work Commission (telephone 1300 799 675 or

What do I need to do?

SAET can create an award or agreement upon application by a trade union, employer association or an individual employer with an interest in the area.

An application to make or vary an award may be made by the Minister, an employer or group of employees, an employee or group of employees, a registered association, or SA Unions.


Please obtain the relevant form(s) via the SAET Forms page. 

Is there a cost?


Where can I find more information?

SAET keeps a list of all South Australian industrial awards.