Members and Registrars

The South Australian Employment Tribunal comprises:

  • the President
  • Deputy Presidents
  • Commissioners
  • Supplementary Panel Members
  • Registrars

The Presidential Members of the South Australian Employment Tribunal are:

  • President Justice Steven Dolphin
  • Deputy President Judge Brian Gilchrist
  • Deputy President Judge Mark Calligeros
  • Deputy President Judge Margaret Kelly
  • Deputy President Judge Tony Rossi
  • Deputy President Judge Miles Crawley
  • Deputy President Magistrate Stephen Lieschke
  • Deputy President Magistrate Stuart Cole

The Commissioners of the South Australian Employment Tribunal are:

  • Commissioner Jodie Carrel
  • Commissioner Melinda Doggett
  • Commissioner Darryl Willson
  • Commissioner Andrew Neale
  • Commissioner Lucy Byrt
  • Commissioner Paul McMahon
  • Commissioner Luisa Georgeff
  • Commissioner Rick Cairney
  • Commissioner Marion Williams
  • Commissioner Kate Sullivan
  • Commissioner Anne McDonald
  • Commissioner Peter Kassapidis
  • Commissioner Gina Nardone
  • Commissioner Helen Ward
  • Commissioner Andrew Hodge
  • Commissioner Margaret Sexton

The Registrars of the South Australian Employment Tribunal are:

  • Registrar Wendy Wakefield
  • Deputy Registrar Sarah Jhunjhunwala
  • Deputy Registrar Shirley Burchell

Supplementary Panel Members are appointed by Statute and will be asked to hear matters at the discretion of the President.