SAET's response to COVID-19

SAET is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with advice from the Government of South Australia. Visit for more information.

Important information for people attending SAET in-person

Making SAET safer

SAET has implemented a number of measures to minimise risks for the SAET users, staff and attending the Tribunal. Measures include:

  • Minimising the number of people attending SAET in-person by:
    • Cancelling non-essential meetings, conferences and hearings
    • Conducting meetings, conferences and hearings remotely through video and telephone conferencing when appropriate
    • Staff and members work from home
  • Increasing its cleaning program
  • Installing signage
  • Supplying sanitising products to staff and Tribunal users

Criteria for attending SAET in-person

You should not attend SAET if you:

  • are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, persistent cough, shortness of breath, fever)
  • have been in close contact with a person who is diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19
  • are awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19
  • reside with anyone who is awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19
  • have been directed to isolate or quarantine
  • reside with anyone who has been directed to isolate or quarantine.

If any of these criteria apply to you, do not attend SAET in-person. Contact the SAET registry as soon as possible and alternative arrangements will be made.

Attending SAET in-person

If, after considering the ‘Criteria for Attending SAET In-Person’, you will be attending SAET in-person, you are required to do the following.


If you need to attend the Registry to view/copy case or summonsed documents, you must sign in with the Security Officer to assist contact tracing.

You must leave SAET premises as soon as you have completed your viewing/copying.

Documents for hearings and conferences

You should lodge all documents electronically with SAET at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled hearing or conference.

On commencement or during proceedings

You must adhere to any direction by a Registrar, Commissioner or Presidential Member (which may be communicated by SAET staff or through signage) about:

  • Room or space capacity (including hearing rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and waiting areas)
  • The wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Sanitisation

At the completion of proceedings

You must leave SAET premises immediately following proceedings.

Communications from the President relating to COVID-19

All SAET legislation, rules and practice directions can be accessed here.