Feedback and complaints

SAET values the feedback that complaints and compliments provide. We use relevant information from the feedback we receive to improve our service.

Our Service Charter details what you can expect from us. Your feedback tells us whether have met those expectations. 

SAET is committed to the following complaint management guiding principles:

  • Accessibility – SAET will ensure that information about how and where a complaint can be made is easily accessible to SAET users, officers and stakeholders. No fees will be charged to manage complaints.
  • User focused approach – a user focused approach will be adopted and the rights of users to disagree with SAET will be respected and supported by providing a timely, accessible and fair process for the lodgement and management of complaints.
  • Responsiveness – all complainants will receive timely acknowledgement that their complaint has been received and best endeavours will be made to provide a response within the required response targets.
  • Objectivity – each complaint will be addressed in an equitable, objective and impartial manner.
  • Confidentiality – personally identifiable complainant information should be available when needed, but only for the purposes of addressing the complaint within SAET. The complainant information will be protected from disclosure outside SAET, unless the complainant consents to disclosure or disclosure is required by law.
  • Accountability and improvement – SAET will ensure the systematic reporting of complaints to the President and Registrar. Analysis of complaints will drive improvement in service and the complaints handling process.

You can provide feedback about:

Complaints about the conduct of a judicial officer may be made to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner.  SAET Presidential Members are judicial officers (Commissioners are not judicial officers).

We cannot respond to complaints or feedback about:

  • a decision or order made by a Commissioner or Presidential Member
  • errors or mistakes in decisions, or other legal grounds
  • matters that are outside our responsibilities, such as legal representation, government policy or legislation

Decisions and orders of the Tribunal

We cannot address complaints about the outcome of a hearing or SAET decision, or whether you have the right to an administrative review, appeal or other form of legal redress.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your case, or believe the judgement or decision was wrong, you may be able to apply to have the decision reviewed or make an appeal. You should seek legal advice in these circumstances immediately. Links to some legal advice services can be found here Useful links – SAET  

How to make a complaint or provide feedback

You can provide feedback to SAET:

We will acknowledge complaints within 3 business days and aim to respond within 30 business days of receipt.