New Application to Amend Form

18 April 2023

You can now apply to amend an initiating application using the new P71 – Application to Amend (Online) and the accompanying P71a – Amended Details of Application (Word).

When completing an Application to Amend:

  • The supporting P71a MUST be attached
  • Changes recorded on the P71a MUST be underlined and deletions legibly struck through
  • Reasons MUST be provided for lodging the form if it is lodged 5 business days after lodging the initial application
  • Evidence of consent MUST be attached where the amendments are agreed

Note: This form IS NOT to be used to add a new respondent or change the name of a respondent – A new application must be lodged.

Go to SAET Forms and select P71 – Application to Amend: Online to submit your application to amend.

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