Attendances at SAET – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic responses

21 October 2020

Matters before Commissioners

  • Initial directions hearings will continue to be conducted by teleconference.
  • Expedited Decision hearings and Public Sector Grievances will continue to be conducted by teleconference unless the Commissioner considers that appearances in person will be beneficial, in which case the parties will be advised accordingly.
  • Conciliation conferences from Monday 2 November 2020, some conciliation conferences will be conducted in person. Those already listed to be conducted by teleconference or videoconference will continue to be conducted that way, unless a subsequent direction is made by the Commissioner, after consultation with the parties and their representatives, that the conference will be held in person. Due to the limitations of the waiting areas, the corridors, and the size and adequacy of the conference rooms, not all matters will be able to be conducted in person. The Commissioner will consider foremost whether a matter may particularly benefit from in-person attendances. Parties can expect that procedural issues and cases limited to discrete legal and/or medical issues will continue to be dealt with by teleconference.
  • Review – These arrangements will be subject to ongoing review. We will continue to review our position in accordance with changing circumstances, updated Australian and State government protocols and the advice of health experts.

The Honourable Justice Steven Dolphin

South Australian Employment Tribunal