List of Industrial Awards

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Aboriginal Education Workers (DECS) Award24 Sep 2018336KB
Adelaide Cemeteries Authority Officers Award8 Oct 2018444KB
Adelaide City Corporation Award8 Oct 2018444KB
Caretakers and Cleaners Award8 Oct 2018299KB
Cemetery Employees (SA Authorities) Award8 Oct 2018433KB
Central Linen Employees Award26 Sep 2018296KB
Chauffeurs (Ministerial) Public Service Award25 Sep 2018329KB
Clothing Trades Award8 Oct 2018521KB
Early Childhood Worker Award25 Sep 2018345KB
Firefighting Industry Employees (South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service) Award 200726 Sep 2018401KB
Government Stores Employees Interim Award26 Sep 2018475KB
Health Recreation and Fitness Award8 Oct 2018339KB
Hotels – Adelaide Entertainments Corporation and Staff Employed Under the Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985 – Award26 Sep 2018469KB
Intellectual Disability Services Award26 Sep 2018467KM
Live Theatre and Concert (Adelaide Festival Centre Trust) Award26 Sep 2018225KB
Local Government (Health Services) Award2 Oct 2018565KB
Local Government Cafes, Restaurants and Snack Bars Award8 Oct 2018450KB
Local Government Employees Award8 Oct 2018460KB
Medical Scientists (South Australian Public Sector) Award27 Sep 2018447KB
Municipal Employees (Adelaide City Council) Award 20122 Oct 2018422KB
Nurses (South Australian Local Government Sector) Award2 Oct 2018414KB
Nurses (South Australian Public Sector) Award 200227 Sep 2018279KB
Part-Time Interpreters or Translators (Public Service) (SA) Award25 Sep 201857KB
Performing Arts Centre (Adelaide Festival Centre Trust) Award27 Sep 2018294KB
Personal Assistants to the Members of the Parliament of SA 1989 Award27 Sep 2018164KB
Police Officers Award8 Oct 2018416KB
Pre-School (Kindergarten) Teaching Staff Award24 Sep 2018244KB
Public Service (Recreation Leave Loading) Award13 May 2019132KB
ReturntoWorkSA Award 20152 Oct 2018341KB
SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award26 Sep 2018987KB
SA Ambulance Service Award24 Sep 2018572KB
SA Public Sector and Local Government Entities Clerks Award2 Oct 2018495KB
SA Public Sector Cafes and Restaurants Adelaide Convention Award2 Oct 2018426KB
SA Public Sector Clerks Adelaide Entertainments Corporation Award8 Oct 2018381KB
SA Public Sector Live Performance Award2 Oct 2018664KB
SA Public Sector Plumbers and Gasfitters Award2 Oct 2018406KB
School Services Officers (Government Schools) Award24 Sep 2018348KB
South Australian Government Building Trades Award8 Oct 2018419KB
South Australian Government Civil Construction and Maintenance Award2 Oct 2018750KB
South Australian Government Services Award2 Oct 2018685KB
South Australian Government Transport Workers Award 19948 Oct 2018786KB
South Australian Government Health etc Ancillary Employees Award2 Oct 2018634KB
South Australian Government Departments and Instrumentalities (Metal Trades) Award 200724 Sep 2018376KB
South Australian Government Printing Interim Award2 Oct 2018504KB
South Australian Medical Officers Award2 Oct 2018285KB
South Australian Municipal Salaried Officers Award2 Oct 2018620KB
TAFE (Educational Staff) Interim Award24 Sep 2018319KB
TAFE SA Education Staff Arbitrated Enterprise Bargaining Award 201024 Sep 2018228KB
Teachers (DECS) Award24 Sep 2018330KB