List of Industrial Awards

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Aboriginal Education Workers AwardJuly 2023324KB
Adelaide Cemeteries Authority Officers AwardJuly 2023518KB
Adelaide City Corporation AwardJuly 2023484KB
Caretakers and Cleaners AwardJuly 2023479KB
Cemetery Employees (SA Authorities) AwardJuly 2023486KB
Central Linen Employees AwardJuly 2023348KB
Chauffeurs’ (Ministerial) Public Service AwardJuly 2023356KB
Clothing Trades AwardJuly 2023577KB
Early Childhood Worker AwardJuly 2023319KB
Firefighting Industry Employees (South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service) Award 2007July 2023538KB
Government Stores Employees Interim AwardJuly 2023557KB
Health Recreation and Fitness AwardJuly 2023428KB
Hotels – Adelaide Entertainments Corporation and Staff Employed Under the Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985 – AwardJuly 2023669KB
Intellectual Disability Services AwardJuly 2023599KB
Live Theatre and Concert (Adelaide Festival Centre Trust) AwardJuly 2023270KB
Local Government Employees AwardJuly 2023510KB
Local Government (Health Services) AwardJuly 2023606KB
Local Government Tourism, Hospitality and Retail AwardJuly 2023549KB
Medical Scientists (South Australian Public Sector) AwardJuly 2023474KB
Municipal Employees (Adelaide City Council) Award 2012July 2023456KB
Nurses (South Australian Local Government Sector) AwardJuly 2023395KB
Nurses (South Australian Public Sector) Award 2002July 2023452KB
Part-Time Interpreters or Translators (Public Service) (SA) AwardJuly 2023191KB
Performing Arts Centre (Adelaide Festival Centre Trust) AwardJuly 2023454KB
Personal Assistants to the Members of the Parliament of SA 1989 AwardJuly 2023173KB
Police Officers AwardJuly 2023554KB
Pre-School (Kindergarten) Teaching Staff AwardJuly 2023242KB
Public Service (Recreation Leave Loading) AwardJuly 202346KB
ReturntoWorkSA Award 2015July 2023336KB
SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim AwardJuly 2023864KB
SA Ambulance Service AwardJuly 20231,016KB
SA Public Sector and Local Government Entities Clerks AwardJuly 20231024KB
SA Public Sector Cafes and Restaurants Adelaide Convention Centre AwardJuly 2023897KB
SA Public Sector Clerks Adelaide Entertainments Corporation AwardJuly 2023495KB
SA Public Sector Live Performance AwardJuly 2023750KB
SA Public Sector Plumbers and Gasfitters AwardJuly 2023780KB
School Services Officers (Government Schools) AwardJuly 2023337KB
South Australian Government Building Trades AwardJuly 2023431KB
South Australian Government Civil Construction and Maintenance AwardJuly 2023858KB
South Australian Government Services AwardJuly 2023788KB
South Australian Government Transport Workers Award 1994July 2023684KB
South Australian Government Health etc Ancillary Employees AwardJuly 20231,444KB
South Australian Government Departments and Instrumentalities (Metal Trades) Award 2007July 2023721KB
South Australian Government Printing Interim AwardJuly 2023910KB
South Australian Medical Officers AwardJuly 2023571KB
South Australian Municipal Salaried Officers AwardJuly 20231024KB
TAFE (Educational Staff) AwardJuly 2023358KB
Teachers AwardJuly 2023318KB