New South Australian Employment Tribunal Rules 2022

03 February 2022

On 3 February 2022, the South Australian Employment Tribunal Rules 2022 were gazetted and as such commenced immediately. The 2017 Rules and the Fast Track Stream Rules 2020 are revoked by the 2022 Rules.

Following a comprehensive review, including wide-ranging stakeholder consultation, the Rules about costs, litigation guardians, appeals and interpreters have been revised. The Fast Track Stream Rules have been modified and incorporated in the Rules. Improvements in SAET’s business processes and the evolving digitisation of SAET’s systems and services are now reflected in the Rules. Other amendments have been made to ensure consistency with Acts and other legislative instruments.

Most of the changes relate to identified difficulties or deficiencies in the operation of the 2017 Rules. The changes are intended to increase the efficiency of SAET’s processes, without substantially altering rights and obligations.

The Honourable Justice Steven Dolphin

South Australian Employment Tribunal

New SAET Rules 2022 (President’s Message 3 February 2022)