Submit an Application for Adjournment Online

07 September 2021

An online form is now available for you to submit an Application for Adjournment with SAET.

Benefits of the new form include:

  • You can complete and submit the form directly from your computer, tablet or phone. There is no need to complete the PDF form, save it and email it to SAET.
  • You will receive a PDF copy of the completed form for your records and to send to the other parties to the case.
  • Validation and logic built into the form to assist you to lodge against the correct case and provide all the required information.
  • Quicker processing by SAET.

Go to SAET Forms and select P02 – Application for Adjournment:  Online to submit your application for adjournment.

The timeframe for phasing out the Word form will be based on feedback from stakeholders.

Any feedback?

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