Attendances at SAET – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic responses

20 July 2021

As a result of the South Australian Government’s directions regarding Level 5 public activity restrictions, SAET is adopting the following practices from close of business 20 July 2021, until further notice.

Keep up-to-date on SAET’s COVID response

The best way to keep up-to-date on SAET’s COVID-19 response is to visit our website at Please visit the website before calling our staff.

SAET physical Registry is closed

From 4pm today the physical SAET Registry will be closed. The Registry phone message will direct people to email or the relevant email contact related to your case.

Emergency and after hours phone number should only be contacted for our essential services, such as urgent dust disease matters or urgent industrial disputes. For immediate action on essential services telephone Registry on (08) 8207 0999.

No in-person attendance at SAET

There will be no in-person public access to SAET premises (the Riverside Centre), other than for essential services. As such, SAET cannot be physically accessed.

Matters before Commissioners

All scheduled hearings and conferences, including those scheduled to be conducted in-person, will continue to be by telephone or video conference.

Matters before Presidential Members

In-person conferences and hearings cannot proceed with the current restrictions. Chambers will contact the parties in any particular listed case to make alternative arrangements. Whilst some conferences and hearings may be able to proceed via telephone or MS Teams, others may not. The parties are to consider what arrangements may work best in each case.


We will review our position in accordance with changing circumstances, updated South Australian Government advice and directives, and the advice of health experts.

The Honourable Justice Steven Dolphin

South Australian Employment Tribunal