Search future conferences and hearings scheduled at SAET

10 June 2021

Visit the SAET website to see changes to the Today’s hearings and Future hearings pages.

Today’s hearings


Previously, this list reflected hearings and conferences based on their status at the end of the previous business day.

When refreshed, the Today’s hearings page now reflects “live” information from SAET’s case management system (including new, cancelled, rescheduled or relocated hearings and conferences).

Future hearings


Previously, each afternoon, SAET would publish the details of the conferences and hearings scheduled for the next business day.

The Future hearings page now enables you to search for hearings and conferences scheduled in the future. You can refine your search by:

  • SAET case number
  • Date range
  • Award / Agreement
  • Party name
  • Representative organisation
  • Compensating authority
  • Return to Work SA Agents (eg EML, Gallagher Bassett)

You can also export your search results into an MS Excel (xls) spreadsheet.

Similar to the Today’s hearings page, search results will reflect “live” information in accordance with updates in SAET’s case management system.

Update your favourites / bookmarks

The old pages are no longer accessible so, if you have any, you will need to update any saved favourites or bookmarks in your browser.

For more information

Please contact the Registry if you have any questions or would like more information.