Changes to SAET Forms

31 March 2021

Online forms – Removal of PDF forms where applicable

From 1 April 2021, where an online form is available to start a new case, applicants will be required to use the relevant online form rather than emailing a PDF form. At this time, the relevant forms are the:

  • A02 – Application for Review (Return to Work)
  • A03 – Application for Expedited Decision (Return to Work)
  • A04 – Application for Suitable Employment (Return to Work)
  • A19 – Application – General
  • A60 – Application for External Review (Public Sector)

The major benefits of the online forms include:

  • Being mobile phone and tablet friendly
  • You can save your partially completed form and resume it at a later time
  • You will receive a PDF including the details of the completed form for your reference.

From 1 April 2021 the old PDF forms will not be accepted by SAET.

More online SAET forms will be rolled out throughout the year.

Supporting documents not to be submitted when applying for a Reviewable Decision under s99 of the Return to Work Act

SAET does not require supporting documents to be lodged with your application for review.  The form still requires you to provide the reviewable decision.

More online forms coming soon

SAET will soon provide online forms for tribunal users to submit:

  • Any case documents
  • Applications for adjournment
  • Results of reconsideration