Current notices

Fair work Act

Enterprise agreements

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act seeking approval of an Enterprise Agreement are currently before SAET (Rule 86, SAET Rules).

Enterprise Agreement name Case number Respond by
ForestrySA Enterprise Agreement 2018 1234/2018 5.00 pm on 20 April 2018


Any party seeking to be heard in relation to the above matters must advise SAET in writing setting out the objection or any other consideration with SAET by the ‘Respond by’ date indicated above. A copy of the advice is also to be supplied to the other parties to the Agreement.  As soon as practicable after that date SAET will either approve the Agreement or otherwise deal with the matter as it sees fit.

Award proceedings

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act regarding award proceedings (new award, or variation or rescission of an existing award) are currently before, or have been determined by, SAET (Rule 88, SAET Rules).

Award name Case number
Police Officers Award


Chauffeurs (Ministerial) Public Service Award (615/2018);
Firefighting Industry Employees (South Australian Government Stores Employees Interim Award (612/20180);
Intellectual Disability Services Award (611/2018);
Medical Scientists (South Australian Public Sector) Award (651/2018);
Metropolitan Fire Service) Award 2007 (575/2018);
Police Officers Award (5198/2017);
SA Ambulance Service Award (1046/2018);
S.A. Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award (650/2018);
South Australian Government Civil Construction And Maintenance Award (613/2018);
South Australian Government Health Etc. Ancillary Employees Award (610/2018);
South Australian Government Services Award (614/2018);
South Australian Government Transport Workers Award 1994 (609/2018)

TAFE (Education Staff) Interim Award (4090/2017);
Pre-School (Kindergarten) Teaching Staff Award (4091/2017).
Teachers (DECS) Award (4089/2017).


South Australian Education Staff (Government Preschools and Schools) Arbitrated Enterprise Bargaining Award 2010 

Case no. 6161/2017. Cl. 1.4 Definitions and Cl. 5.1 Hours of Work re part day public holiday. Opdate 01/03/2018.


Awards varied. New Clause & Schedule re Additional Compensation for Certain Work Related Injuries or Illnesses. Opdate 30/09/1987.










re Locality Allowances (expense related allowances only). Opdate on and from 01/07/2017.




5397 of 2017 – Award rescinded on and from 18 January 2013

Alteration to rules of an association

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act seeking an addition or alteration to the rules of an association are currently before SAET (Rule 94, SAET Rules).

Association name Case number Respond by

The above mentioned association/s has/have lodged an application to alter its Rules.  The Association is registered under the Fair Work Act 1994.  The alterations are of a kind that could affect the composition of the membership of the association.  Objections may be made as if the application were for registration of a new association.  The application may be inspected free of charge at SAET, level 6, Riverside Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide.  Any person wishing to object may do so by lodging a notice of objection in the approved form with SAET by the ‘Respond by’ date, and serving a copy of the notice of objection on the applicant association.