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Fair work Act

Enterprise agreements

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act seeking approval of an Enterprise Agreement are currently before SAET (Rule 86, SAET Rules).

Enterprise Agreement nameCase numberRespond by

Any party seeking to be heard in relation to the above matters must advise SAET in writing setting out the objection or any other consideration with SAET by the ‘Respond by’ date indicated above. A copy of the advice is also to be supplied to the other parties to the Agreement.  As soon as practicable after that date SAET will either approve the Agreement or otherwise deal with the matter as it sees fit.

Award proceedings

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act regarding award proceedings (new award, or variation or rescission of an existing award) are currently before, or have been determined by, SAET (Rule 88, SAET Rules).

Award nameCase number
All Awards listed in Schedule A of SAET’s orders State Wage Case 2019 (No. 2) [2019] SAET 212.
See Decision published 27/09/2019 State Wage Case 2019 [2019] SAET 203.
Wages and work related allowance increased by 3%; and training wages, supported wage system.
2139/2019 and 2140/2019.

Triennial Review of Awards: Section 99 Fair Work Act 1994 (SA)

Background – Initial Reviews

On 18 February 2019, the South Australian Employment Tribunal (‘SAET’) placed notices on this website and in the Advertiser newspaper in relation to the review of nine industrial awards. The reviews were initiated at the request of representatives from the local government sector, and pertained to the undermentioned awards. The submissions and notices in relation the review of these nine awards can be accessed below: 

Award nameCase numberDocument Link
South Australian Municipal Salaried Officers Award
Local Government Employees AwardCemetery Employees (SA Authorities) Award
Caretakers and Cleaners Award
SA Public Sector and Local Government Entities Clerks Award
Health Recreation and Fitness Awards
Local Government Health Services Award
Local Government Cafes, Restaurants and Snack Bars Award
Nurses (South Australian Local Government Sector) Award
Statement and Directions of Commissioner Aikens dated 25 Mar 2019
Amended Directions of Commissioner Aikens dated 15 May 2019
 Local Government Association
LGA – s 99 Review Submissions
LGA – Annexure C Local Government Tourism, Hospitality and Retail Award
Department of Treasury and Finance
DTF – s 99 Review Submissions
DTF – Draft Order_SA Public Sector and Local Government Entities Clerks Award
DTF – Draft Order_Cemetery Employees (SA Authorites) Award
Australian Workers Union
AWU – s 99 Review Submissions
Australian Services Union
ASU – s 99 Review Submissions

Remaining Awards

On 11 July 2019, the Tribunal notified interested parties of its intention to conduct a review of the remaining South Australian industrial awards. They are outlined below:

  1. Aboriginal Education Workers (DECS) Award
  2. Adelaide Cemeteries Authority Officers Award
  3. Cemetery Employees (SA Authorities) Award
  4. Central Linen Employees Award
  5. Chauffeurs (Ministerial) Public Service Award
  6. Clothing Trades Award
  7. Early Childhood Worker Award
  8. Firefighting Industry Employees (South Australian Metropolitan Fire Services) Award 2007
  9. Government Stores Employees Interim Award
  10. Hotels – Adelaide Entertainment Corporation and Staff Employed Under the Parliament (Joint Services) Act 1985 – Award
  11. Intellectual Disability Services Award
  12. Live Theatre and Concert (Adelaide Festival Centre Trust) Award
  13. Medical Scientists (South Australian Public Sector) Award
  14. Nurses (South Australian Public Sector Award) 2002
  15. Part-time Interpreters or Translators (Public Services) (SA) Award
  16. Performing Arts Centre (Adelaide Festival Centre Trust) Award
  17. Personal Assistants to Members of the Parliament of South Australia
  18. Police Officers Award
  19. Pre-school (Kindergarten) Teaching Staff Award
  20. Public Service (Recreation Leave Loading) Award
  21. Return to Work SA Award 2015
  22. SA Public Sector and Local Government Entities Clerks Award
  23. SA Public Sector Cafes and Restaurants Adelaide Convention Centre Award
  24. SA Public Sector Live Performance Award
  25. SA Public Sector Plumbers and Gasfitters Award
  26. SA Public Sector Salaried Employees Interim Award
  27. School Services Officers (Government Schools) Award
  28. South Australia Government Civil Construction and Maintenance Award
  29. South Australian Ambulance Service Award
  30. South Australian Government Building Trades Award
  31. South Australian Government Departments and Instrumentalities (Metal Trades) Award 2007
  32. South Australian Government Health etc. Ancillary Employees Award
  33. South Australian Government Printing Interim Award
  34. South Australian Government Services Award
  35. South Australian Government Transport Workers Award 1994
  36. South Australian Medical Officers Award
  37. South Australian Public Sector Clerks Adelaide Entertainments Corporation Award
  38. TAFE (Educational Staff) Interim Award
  39. TAFE SA Education Staff Arbitrated Enterprise Bargaining Award 2010
  40. Teacher (DECS) Award

The time for making written submissions in relation to the review of the above awards has been extended until the deadline of COB, Friday 18 October 2019. If you would like to make written submissions, you may lodge them via email at
You can find notices and orders relating to the review of these awards below:
Notice of Review
Extension of Time Notice

Alteration to rules of an association

The following applications made under the Fair Work Act seeking an addition or alteration to the rules of an association are currently before SAET (Rule 94, SAET Rules).

Association nameCase numberRespond by

The above mentioned association/s has/have lodged an application to alter its Rules. The Association is registered under the Fair Work Act 1994. Either SAET has decided to publish notice of the alteration pursuant to SAET Rule 94(2), or the alterations are of a kind that could affect the composition of the membership of the association. Objections may be made as if the application were for registration of a new association. The application may be inspected free of charge at SAET, level 6, Riverside Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide. Any person wishing to object may do so by lodging a notice of objection in the approved form with SAET by the ‘Respond by’ date, and serving a copy of the notice of objection on the applicant association.