SAET is making changes

SAET is undertaking a program of work to ensure it continues to achieve its objectives now and into the future.

Case management of RTW cases

The President established a working group to consider and design alternative approaches to SAET’s management of RTW cases, with the aim of improving SAET’s processes and procedures.  Consultation on the working group’s proposal closed on 25 October 2019.

Changes from July 2019

New electronic case management system

In July 2019, SAET implemented the first round of improvements as SAET shifts to a new electronic case management system. The new system will deliver operational efficiencies and enable SAET staff to focus on adding value to Tribunal proceedings.

SAET forms

All forms have been revised with new Word and/or PDF versions now available on our forms page.

Some forms are available to complete and submit online, with the remainder to progressively shift to online applications in the coming months.

Online applications will result in faster processing and earlier advice of hearing dates.

Word and/or PDF versions of applications should be emailed to one single point: Lodging to multiple email addresses is unnecessary and may result in delayed processing.

Eventually, the Word and PDF versions will be removed.

Lodge an online application or view the revised forms here.

Online applications

The following forms can be completed and submitted online:

  • A02 Application for Review (Return to Work)
  • A03 Application for Expedited Decision (Return to Work)
  • A04 Application for Suitable Employment (Return to Work)
  • A19 General Application

All other forms will progressively become online applications. The PDF versions of all forms will eventually be removed.


SAET correspondence (eg notices, orders, letters) will only be sent to one recipient per party. If a party is represented, only the representative will be receiving correspondence and they need to ensure that their clients are informed as they see fit.

Application for Consent Order (Form P33) – Evidence of Consent

Parties are no longer required to sign consent orders to evidence consent.

Parties must satisfy the Tribunal that all parties have consented to the orders being sought.  For example:

  • By all parties printing and signing the draft orders and attaching the signed draft orders to the Application for Consent Orders (new form P33);
  • By attaching copies of emails or letters between the parties regarding consent to the Application for Consent Orders (P33).

Application for Consent Order (P33) – Notations

SAET will no longer include notations in consent orders that parties enter into which fall outside the jurisdiction of the Tribunal.

Parties may attach any signed agreement about wider issues outside the Tribunal’s jurisdiction to the Application for Consent Orders (P33)

New case numbering for new applications

From July 2019, case numbers are allocated as follows:

  • ET-19-12345
  • ET – Employment Tribunal
  • 19 – calendar year i.e. 2019

Numbers for existing cases will be retained.

New format of SAET Orders and Notices

From July 2019 new templates are used for SAET Orders and Notices. These documents contain predominately the same information as before.

Benefits for users

Complete applications faster

The new online forms eliminate multiple requests for the same information, making them simpler and faster to complete.

Reduce incomplete submissions

Online application forms can only be submitted once all required information and supporting documentation is attached.

Faster processing

By submitting a 100% complete form online, SAET staff can process the application faster and provide earlier advice of the allocated conference/hearing date.

Save and download applications

Users can continue to save a partially completed form and return to it. Completed forms can also be downloaded to your own system.

User Tips:

  • Delete any old SAET forms you have downloaded – these will be out of date.
  • Visit the Forms page (insert link) for the latest forms.
  • Where possible, choose the online application option for faster processing. A copy of your application will be provided by email.
  • All applications and documents should be lodged by email to one single point:
  • Contact SAET Registry with any queries on (08) 8207 0999.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is SAET making these changes?

SAET’s current system is costly, inefficient to maintain and does not meet the needs of a modern Tribunal.

A contemporary, electronic case management system will create efficiencies enabling SAET to be more responsive to the needs of parties and their representatives, agents and compensating authorities.

Many other Australian and overseas jurisdictions are also making this technological shift.

Which applications can I complete and submit online?

From July 2019, the following forms can be submitted via the website:

  • A02 Application for Review (Return to Work
  • A03 Application for Expedited Decision (Return to Work
  • A04 Application for Suitable Employment (Return to Work)
  • A19 General Application

In the coming months, an online application option will be introduced for all other forms.

Do I have to use the online application process if there is a choice to use the PDF?

SAET’s preference is to receive applications online rather than via email or hard copy. Online applications will be processed faster, resulting in earlier notification of a hearing date.

Where online applications are not yet available, a PDF application should be emailed to Please note this option will be phased out eventually.

Can I start an online application and finalise it for submission at a later date?

Yes, an online application can be saved part-way through completion. It can also be downloaded to your own files. Upon lodgment, a copy of your application will be sent to your nominated email address.

What if an application is too big to email?

Files up to 10MB can be emailed to If your file exceeds this, please contact SAET Registry on (08) 8207 0999 to make alternative arrangements.

How should I submit a document during a trial that is under way?

Please submit all documents quoting the relevant case number via email to It will then be processed and allocated to the correct file.

Can I still email documents to a Member’s Chambers?

SAET’s preference is to receive applications and documents online (where the relevant forms are available) or via email to for processing.

Can I submit my book of documents or trial book electronically?

Not at this point. Books of documents and the trial books should be submitted in hard copy. SAET is committed to being more responsive to users and streamlining its processes, so we would like to discuss with legal representatives how further improvements could be made.

Will there be changes to SAET’s Rules?

Yes. SAET is conducting a review of the current Rules and revisions will be made to reflect the new case management system.

Will SAET be moving to an electronic court room?

There are no immediate plans for this to occur.