The South Australian Employment Tribunal comprises:

  • the President
  • Deputy Presidents
  • Commissioners
  • Supplementary Panel Members

The Presidential Members of the South Australian Employment Tribunal are:

  • President Justice Dolphin
  • Deputy President Judge Gilchrist
  • Deputy President Judge Hannon
  • Deputy President Judge Farrell
  • Deputy President Judge Calligeros
  • Deputy President Judge Kelly
  • Deputy President Lieschke
  • Deputy President Ardlie

The Commissioners of the South Australian Employment Tribunal are:

  • Anne Lindsay
  • Paul McMahon
  • Jenny Russell
  • John Palmer
  • Darryl Willson
  • Andrew Neale
  • Lucy Byrt
  • Melinda Doggett
  • Jodie Carrel
  • Gina Nardone
  • Luisa Georgeff
  • Christopher Aikins
  • Don Smyth
  • Helen Ward

Supplementary Panel Members are appointed by Statute and will be asked to hear matters at the discretion of the President.